The Tallahassee Ballet School

The Tallahassee Ballet School provides students with a kinetic understanding of how their bodies move through space and build from the classical ballet principles and technique. Ballet is the foundation for all dances and assists in developing muscles and posture that allow dancers to move with grace and poise.

All Tallahassee Ballet School instructors are classically trained with the FSU Dance Department or various national dance companies. The Tallahassee Ballet School follows the ABT® National Training Curriculum. Instructors Meagan Helman, Hope Eltomi and Naomi Lebhar are Primary through Level 3 ABT Certified teachers.

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The Tallahassee Ballet School offers something for everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers. Registration is now open for 2018-2019 classes! Classes start Tuesday, September 6!



The Tallahassee Ballet School is dedicated to the best possible training for our dancers and meeting the needs of our families and supporters. We highly value the feedback of our students and parents and continue to grow and improve as a school and dance community.